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Our Mission

Our Mission


To provide unforgettable journeys throughout Southern Africa accomplished by our professional team of consultants and tour guides. We pride ourselves in working towards sustainable and responsible tourism as our guided tours are nature conservation oriented.


PREMELEO EXPEDITION AFRICA (PEA Tours and Safaris) is an owner-run company based in Namibia and operates through Southern African countries mainly Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


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Our Story


Not born in a hospital or modern clinic, but in the bush somewhere in rural African Village in Zimbabwe, that probably and unknowingly initiated the love for the bush. With life being stuck between the city and holidays in the rural African village, the most fun and good memories still dwell on times a group of boys take out cattle and other livestock for grazing either in the mountains or plains where there is good grazing grass. We still had to learn our environment, from quick lunch fixes without match boxes and where to and not to swim during mid-day blazing sun. Make sure one does not miss your livestock going into someone’s maize field while enjoying the swim or playing soccer ball made out of plastic!


Then, years down the lane, one finds himself at a local University pursuing an Honours Degree in Wildlife Management. Everything seems falling into place. It gave me opportunity to work with different organizations with various nature conservation programs ranging from community based, national parks with open ecosystems and private game reserves with closed ecosystems in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Namibia. After attaining my guiding qualification, I spent most of my time in my adopted home, Namibia. Years of experiencing tracking of desert adapted animals either in the vehicle or on foot, the majestic Etosha National Park, the untapped vast wildernesses of Kaokoveld and Bushmanland, African carnivore conservation in mitigating human/wildlife conflict and of course enjoying meeting people from all over the world, I realise my curiosity for coexistence of humans and nature deepens more. 


Every tour one takes, driving through some sandy, rugged terrain through African villages, into protected areas and community-based conservancies, gives one a reflection of childhood memories where we viewed carnivores and all snakes as danger. Never did I imagine I could one day become a wildlife conservationist with a totally opposite view of wild animals. Education and environmental programs have evolved over the years: I have been joined by local villagers viewing some desert-adapted elephants. The most satisfying feeling to share wildlife experience with my international guests and locals as we get to hear the latter’s day to day experience and perceptions.


Every tour I have taken is different; be it wildlife, photography, culture, birding from the desert to wetlands. On tour, at times one forgets he is at “work” (not really work to some of us, but a lifestyle). Out of curiosity you will be looking for stuff in off-beaten tracks and want to get that experience. This has resulted in unforgettable memories and journeys I have shared with some enthusiastic travelers around the world.


We, at PREMELEO EXPEDITION AFRICA (P.E.A) would like to continue sharing these journeys with you and looking forward to touring with you.


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